Milk Replacement
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The Need for a Milk Replacement  

There are a variety of different reasons
why you might want to consider an
alternative to dairy milk, here are our
top reasons to switch to a plant based

• Lactose is a sugar found in
milk. Most of the world's
population is lactose intolerant,
meaning that consuming dairy products
can cause bloating, cramps, diarrhoea
and vomiting. 

• Some people are allergic to the protein
found in dairy milk. Milk allergy can cause
diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation, reflux,
hives, persistent cough and wheezing. 

• Pesticides that cows consume become
concentrated in their milk. Dairy products may
therefore contain high quantities of pesticides that
can cause damage to the brain. 

• Farming dairy cows demands a lot of resources such as water and grains and produces greenhouse gasses. 

• The commercial scale farming of dairy cows is considered unethical by some due to the farming practices that are adopted. 

• Cows that are fed growth hormones, antibiotics and other drugs will have these chemicals in their milk, these drugs and hormones can affect the people who consume dairy products made with this milk. 

• Unlike plant milks, which are rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats, cows milk contains primarily saturated fat which may increase your risk of heart disease.
A Healthy Replacement

Many people like dairy milk for its creaminess and nutrition, but there are healthier options available. Soya milk may contain a good quantity of protein, but the protein from soya tends to be more difficult to digest and may induce an allergic reaction in some people. Other milks such as popular brands of rice and almond milk, although they may be tasty, are nutritionally insuperior to dairy milk.  

When we developed our dairy replacement, we wanted to produce something more than just a sweet drink with a milky appearance, we wanted to produce a delicious, nutritious creamy beverage that was superior to milk based on human nutritional needs. 

ATIS Research has developed an alternative to dairy milk which is vegan friendly, organic and plant based, has all the protein and more of milk, and better yet, is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals. Being lactose and milk protein free, you will be able to enjoy this product in place of milk without having to worry about digestive upset or the burden of your product choices on the environment or personal ethics. Better yet, all of our ingredients are either organic or non-GMO to ensure maximum health.