Alcohol Alternative
Why Make an Alcohol Alternative?
Alcohol is a psychoactive ingredient in recreational beverages such as beers, wines and spirits.

The WHO (2018) estimates that 5.1% of disease and injury and 5.9% (approximately 3.3 million) of deaths are related to alcohol consumption.

Its consumption impairs judgement, leading to: 

•Antisocial behaviour 
•Increased promiscuity and unwanted pregnancies
• Memory loss and blackouts
It is also a cause of numerous diseases, including:
• Alcoholism and its associated withdrawal syndrome 
• Alcoholic liver disease such as hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease 
• High blood pressure (hypertension) increasing risk of heart attack or stroke. 
• Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (defects in unborn children)  
• Incrased cancer risk through oxidative DNA, protein and lipid damage.
• Other conditions: chronic pancreatitis, atrial fibrillation, malnutrition, neuropathy, cerebellar degeneration, and myopathy.

We would like to create a positive change.

An Alternative to Alcohol
People have consumed herbal beverages long before the process of brewing alcohol was developed. Coffee and tea are the most consumed recreational, psychoactive beverages in the world however the stimulant they contain, caffeine, is addictive and has unwanted side effects such as insomnia, headaches, irritability and heart palpitations. 

ATIS Research aims to provide the world market with an ethical and relaxing beverage and, for the non-abstaining population, an alcohol alternative. Being vegetarian, it conforms to the ideals of many beliefs. 

Imagine a product which exerts a non-intoxicating, uplifting effect on the user, without any of the negative side effects associated with alcohol or caffeine consumption and instead providing consumers with numerous health benefits such as stress reduction. This is the product we offer to the world.
Investment opportunities
We believe our anticipated product is an opportunity that can change the world; envision being alive to invest in the coffee and tea trade when it was first introduced to the world hundreds of years ago and holding the sole patent rights to sell them as a commodity. We are currently seeking intellectual property protection for our novel beverage and assure our investors that their investment will be well protected in the initial years of market sales and expansion.  
We are actively seeking investors who can see the potential of this untapped market, as well as the many social benefits it can bring to modern society. 

Please note that the ATIS Thirst Project is not accepting payment for share holdings at this time, however, potential investors with an active interest in our project can reserve an allotment of shares for a set price before company incorporation. Please note that ATIS Thirst will be formed in the private sector, as such, shares will not be openly traded on the public stock market.
Questions and Answers
1. Is this product like a soda pop/a soft drink/a fizzy drink? No, alcoholic beverages contain ethanol and beverages like tea and coffee contain caffeine. Caffeine and ethanol are both psychoactive substances. Our product contains psychoactive substances which are safe and non-intoxicating. It is designed to make you feel good without intoxication.  
5. Is it addictive? Our drink has low addictive potential, whereas alcohol has a high addictive potential. 
6. Is it healthy? Yes, unlike alcohol, which can cause health problems and negatively alter behaviour and fog the mind our beverage does not come with any of these problems and can be used daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle
2. Does this product taste like alcohol? No. Although it may be possible to make it taste like alcohol, it has been reported to us, by followers of Islam, that they would not want the product to taste like alcohol as it would be confusing. The drink can be flavoured according to our consumers preference
7. Is it vegetarian/vegan? Yes, none of the ingredients in our product are derived from animals, including fish and insects.
8. Is it suitable for Buddhists or Buddhist monks? Yes, our beverage does not cause an individual to become intoxicated or become more careless, as such, it does not encourage violation of any of The Five Precepts.
3. How is this Halal? This drink is Halal because it does not intoxicate (it is not Khamr) and none of the processes or ingredients involved in its production would make it Haram. An intoxicant causes foggy headedness and the individual loses the ability to control themselves. We are currently seeking Halal approval and as far as we are aware, our beverage is in accordance with Hukum Syarak. 
9. Alcohol is the most widely used date rape drug in the world, how will this be any different? Since this product is not intoxicating, consumers may be able to easily identify whether their drink has been spiked with an intoxicating substance and swiftly seek help. Our product could potentially be used as a means to prevent date rape. 
4. What are the ingredients? At this time, we are taking steps to ensure our main ingredients are protected by international property laws. Until we have this protection we will not be releasing this information but we assure our prospective customers that all ingredients are safe for human consumption and much healthier than alcohol.